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Ashley Graham in Houseland

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Ashley Matthesen was the best CIA analyst in the business. She had been the only one to figure out the scheme of terrorist mastermind Apu Nazzer: he had brainwashed Rick Brady, a member of Seal Team Seven! If it hadn’t been for Ashley’s determination, Brady might have completed his mission of blowing up the Superbowl Halftime show. But the crafty spy had uncovered the operation, seduced Brady into revealing his role, turned him back into an American hero and saved the highlight of the National Sport. Now she was on her way to meet Sol, her boss, and receive a secret commendation; her work was so undercover, the public would never know what she had done.

As she headed for the safe house, she never imagined how bitter Apu Nazzer would be. So she wasn’t looking for the van that sped thru a stop sign and smashed her car. The last thing she remembered was thinking she could use a little time off before her next adventure. The first thing she thought of when she came to was that the next adventure might be her last… she was being gagged by Apu Nazzer himself!

Cali Logan in The Unhappy Bride

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Cali was very highly regarded as a wedding planner, known for being creative and professional. All of her clients raved about her—except for Tina. Tina had a reason to be unhappy with her wedding, though. The groom never showed up!

Cali felt very bad for the disappointed woman so she fully intended to try and comfort Tina, even though it was almost closing time. What the vivacious planner didn’t expect was for Tina to pull out a huge knife and hold it to her throat! “You’re the one who ruined my life, bitch” Tina hissed. “He told me the reason he backed out of it was he had fallen for YOU!”

Cali tried to protest, pointing out that she had done nothing to lead the groom on, but the furious bride wasn’t listening. Instead, she pulled a set of handcuffs out of her big bag and forced the wide-eyed planner to cuff her hands behind her back. Lengths and lengths of rope came out of the bag next—Tina had come prepared! She quickly tied Cali’s ankles together before adding more bonds to her legs above and below the knees. Next came a bright red bandana; Cali tried to turn her head from side to side to avoid being gagged, but was overpowered by the jilted fiancee.

If only she could have avoided the gag! As soon as the cloth was knotted behind her head, both women started at the sound of heavy knocking on the office door. “Don’t do anything stupid” Tina warned as she went to see who was there. Cali screamed for help and tried to kick something off her desk to draw attention—she could tell by the voice at the door it was the new teacher in town who had taken an interest in her, he would save her! But all she could manage was a muffled “mmmmpppfff” and Tina was able to persuade the man that Cali was off scouting out a reception site.

“I told you not to try anything!” Tina barked “you’ll pay for that”. She pulled the helpless damsel’s dress down, exposing her firm young breasts. Length after length of rope went above and below Cali’s boobs, pulled back her shoulders and finished with a yoke around her neck. For a final indignity, Tina tied a crotch rope around her victim, hiking Cali’s hem up. To make sure the struggling wedding planner couldn’t escape, Tina lashed her ankles to the bottom of the chair.

Both women were breathing heavily, one from the effort to tie up her rival, the other from straining to find any loose knot. “You’re going to love what I have planned for you, and this time there won’t be any mistakes” the angry woman crowed. She rolled the chair-bound victim out the back door to the small U Haul van she had left in the parking lot. Cali screamed helplessly as the door was closed, leaving her in blackness and wondering what would come next.

It seemed like she was in the van forever, rolling from side to side as the van moved. For the last few minutes, the ride got bumpier as they apparently left the paved roads. When the van finally stopped and the doors flew open, all Cali could see was a vast, desolate hole in the ground. There were patches that looked watery, and nothing was growing in the expanse. Off in the distance were small hills of sand and gravel. “This is the old sand quarry” Tina said, smiling an evil grin. “No one has been here in a year, and no one is going to find you, bitch, so it’s OK for you to scream your head off”. With that, she removed the cleave gag and pushed the office chair out the back of the U Haul. It made it just a few feet into the quarry before it stopped with a lurch.

Cali’s breathing rose as she strained against the cruel ropes that held her. The surface of the mire was quivering like a water bed, for several feet around her. For a moment both the captive and her tormentor waited to see what would happen… then the ground below the chair gave a disgusting slurping sound and the chair began to sink. “It’s quicksand!” Tina crowed “and no one knows where you are! Now time for me to go establish my alibi if anyone suspects me, but I’ll just tell them you were so embarrassed at stealing a groom that you fled in disgrace.” And with that, the vengeful ex-bride sped off.

The oozing mire seemed to pull Cali down hungrily, quickly covering her long legs. Her half-naked torso turned this way and that, but the ropes just dug into her flesh. She tried to call for help but her words echoed into nothing. Inch by inch, her body disappeared under the surface. Would this really be the end, sucked down into the sticky goo, because some jerk got infatuated with her?

From her pocket she heard a magical sound— her cell was ringing! She twisted frantically so she was able to get the phone can flipped it open… it was her teacher friend! “Help me, I’m sinking in quicksand in the sand quarry” she cried— just before the phone slipped from her fingers into the mud. Had he heard her? Would he be able to get there in time? And even if he arrived, how would he get her out? Cali struggled to keep from panic as the quicksand claimed her shoulders…

Hannah Hilton as Marta in Deadly Desert

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Marta found the shower addictive. After her last minute escape from being boiled alive, her college had recalled her and decided to send her to a less dangerous place. Zimbabwe had been a close call, but the Administration thought if she was very careful Egypt would be much less of a problem for the young blonde. Even though her nemeis, Bart Craig, had escaped while she was being rescued, no one thought he would be crazy enough to keep pursuing her.

Most of her work consisted of desk and paper work which she welcomed after the Sub-Saharan bush. Even the heat and sand was a welcome change. She usually stayed in the compound with no desire to go out and explore the town. She had already experienced all the “excitement” and “danger” that anyone would ever care to remember. Though the rope marks had long since disappeared from her ankles and wrists, the memories of hanging over the vat of water starting to boil… being slowly lowered into it…these were still all too fresh in her mind. But a nice cool shower, that was her refuge, cleansing her mind as well as body.

She had disrobed and had the water running, so she didn’t hear the door open and close. The first hint that something was wrong was the volume of her TV being turned up. Marta slipped her robe on to investigate, but when she entered her bedroom she froze. A strange man was pointing a gun right between her eyes, his other hand up to his lips to signal she must be quiet. Two other Arabs grasped her arms and forced them behind her. They ripped the flimsy cover off her, gasping audibly as their eyes took in her voluptuous form. She felt the rope encircling her wrists and ankles, and a cloth was jammed into her mouth which was then covered with a piece of duct tape. She could only sound a muffled cry for help as they bound her naked body thoroughly, winding loop after loop around her. The man with the gun slipped outside, and the helpless damsel tried a desperate plan. Wobbling to keep her balance, she hopped over to the window, hoping someone would see her and alert the authorities. But there was not a soul to be seen, and soon she found herself tossed into the back of a van as the two men leered at the curvaceous damsel struggling as the vehicle sped out into the desert. Strangely, they never molested her, as if she needed to be kept pure. Night fell and she fell into an uneasy sleep, wondering why she had been kidnapped.

Dawn was breaking when the jeep stopped before three tents. The gunman led the way into one one of the tents as Marta was pushed through the flap by her pair of guards . The tent was bare except for futon and a chair. A woman sat in the chair and looked at her, sneering and aloof. Marta had been all too aware of her nudity with the men, but under the gaze of this woman who probably never left home without her burkha, Marta felt shameful and dirty, her dark nipples involuntarily hard from the suspense—not that she could do anything to cover up!

Now the woman, speaking in a language Marta could not understand, was speaking to the men in an angry tone. One of the men stepped behind her, untied her wrists and unwound the harness of rope that had criss-crossed her full breasts. She was only grateful for an instant; in halting English the woman explained her awful fate. Bart Craig had indeed tracked her down and sold her to this cult of Jinn worshipers! Long before Islam, the desert tribes had believed their very lives depended on appeasing the evil spirits of the sands. She was going to a sacrifice!! One of the men motioned for her to hold her hands out in front of her. She saw that fight would be useless. The woman spoke a few words and nodded, two of the men left the tent. The gunman and the woman remained with Marta.

With a signal from the woman the remaining man came to her and, grasping the rope that encircled her wrists, pulled her out of the tent. The two Arabs that had left the tent re-appeared, each holding the reins of a horse. They walked the horses to face in opposite directions and Marta was dragged between them. She offered no resistance as she was turned, her back pressed against one horse. Her arms were raised above her head as her wrists were strapped to the saddle. Her exposed breasts rose and fell, her breath coming in swift gasps. They tied a rope tightly around her ankles. She stood, hoping that they weren’t about to do what she thought they were…

One of the Arabs grasped her bound ankles and lifted. Oh God, she realized exactly what they were going to do as her legs were lashed to the saddle on the other horse. She was working her legs, bouncing and arching between the horses. One of the Arabs spoke and the two horses began to be led in a circle. Marta jerked and pulled against the ropes holding her to the saddles as the animals began to get farther apart in an ever-widening spiral. She gave no thought to her jiggling body in the hungry gaze of her captors as she jerked and worked against her bindings to no avail. She fought knowing that she was to be stretched and pulled apart! She screamed!

The woman exited from the tent, chanting some ancient invocation. Marta hardly noticed her. The pain in her arms, shoulders, hips and knees was becoming unbearable and still the horses were drawing farther and farther apart. Marta could barely move her arms and legs as the hoofs sounded on the hard sand. She could no longer pull and arch against her bonds, her helpless body stretched to the limit. She screamed again as she felt the joints in her shoulders and knees strain. Her screams were continuous as the horses were led on their route. She was only dimly aware of the helicopter landing and the shouts of the soldiers coming to stop her ordeal. She had escaped the vile plans of Bart Craig again!

Christina Taurentino is the Too Pretty Nanny

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Christina loved almost everything about her job as an Au Pair. The chance to move to America, of course… but the two children were adorable, the Eastside condo they lived in was spectacular, she was making new friends with the other nannies at the park and even had her eye on a young man who played softball on Saturdays.

The only problem was the Wife. She could tell how jealous this woman was.

It’s not that the lady was ugly… but she was so devoted to dieting and working out that whatever curves she had been born with had melted away.  And when Christina entered the household, she brought back the ideal of the voluptuous female form.

The Husband had never said or done anything unprofessional, but Christina sometimes could feel his eyes on her as she went about her duties. And she was sure the Wife had seen that in passing.  Christina knew this could be a problem down the road, but everything else in her life was working out so well, she resisted the idea of getting another position.

So she really wasn’t suspicious when the Wife suddenly arranged a sleepover for the kids when the Husband announced he had to go on a business trip. Christina took them to their friends’ houses, and came back to the condo remembering how tightly they hugged her. The Wife was nowhere to be seen, so Christina took the opportunity to take a long, hot shower.

When she came out of the shower, she was shocked to see the Wife standing there holding a gun— and yards and yards of rope! She ordered the trembling girl to turn around, and quickly bound her crossed wrists together. Next she tied Chistina’s feet, and finished off by pulling her elbows together behind her back and wrapping length after length of rope around them. This pushed Christina’s breasts out dramatically, and the sight of the captive’s body seemed to infuriate the deranged woman even further. When the Wife finished by wrapping rope around Christina’s waist and lashing her arms to her torso, she finally hissed “We’ll soon be rid of you, you shameless bitch! I’ve seen how my family worships you, but I’ve got some Russian mobsters on the way who will put you to work in a brothel! I’ll tell everyone you got homesick and left— and the next Au Pair I get will be ugly!”

She left to get herself a drink, and Christina worked feverishly to free herself! But struggle as she might, the ropes were too well tied (where had that fancy woman learned such good knots?) and soon she was on the verge of tears. She hopped out into the living room, looking for something sharp she might use to free herself— but was it too late? The front door was opening— the mobsters come to take her to a short life of sexual slavery?

No! It was the Husband, whose flight had been cancelled! He thought at first there had been a burglary, but as the sobbing girl told her story, his expression grew hard. (She couldn’t help but notice that as he covered her naked, bound body with his coat that something else was hard) “If my wife has people coming over to buy a sex slave, I shouldn’t disappoint them” he spat. He guided Christina to the kitchen and gave her a knife to work on her bonds. “Honey, I”m home” he cooed— but he picked up the unused rope and held it behind his back…

Lori and Kayla buried alive!

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Lori and Kayla had met in Law School and were soon inseparable. There were even rumors that they were lovers, but the truth is each woman was so intent on grades that it had never gotten past some bi-curious kisses.  Lori was the idealist, intent on using the law to change the world and fight oppression.  Kayla had found that all very amusing; she was going to become the CEO of some major corporation.  The pair had teased each other about their divergent goals, but the fact was that each respected the other’s ability and integrity.

So when Lori became lead counsel of a Consumer Protection non-profit, and Kayla got a job at Viredian Industries, they both seemed on track to have their dreams come true and both were happy for the other.  Lori joked that she’d be honored to sue Kayla’s company, and Kayla had joked back—until her boss Veronika had given her the task of writing a brief to defend a new formula for shampoo that had the side effect of turning the customer’s teeth green!

Horrified, Kayla had met Lori for drinks and the two hatched a scheme to expose misdeeds of the corporate giant.  Lori told Kayla just which files she’d need for her case, and Kayla eagerly did her best to get them. Sadly, neither woman was a corporate spy and Viredian’s security chief quickly realized there was no reason for Kayla to be digging into things that weren’t her concern.  It took no time at all to connect her to Lori, and the cold-hearted Veronika had casually told her security to “make sure this never sees the light of day”— not realizing he would take her literally. Whether Veronika would care or not, who can say?

All Lori and Kayla knew was that goons had busted into Lori’s apartment as they were examining the stolen documents, bound and gagged them and bundled them into an SUV. After driving for an hour, the car stopped and the burly men had pulled them out and cut away their clothes, leaving each completely naked!  The helpless damsels had to endure being groped and fondled, each of them furious not only at their own shame but at seeing the goons squeezing the full breasts of her friend.  What could be worse than this?

They quickly found out. The security guards had driven them to one of Viredian’s construction sites, laid them on the ground and tied their ankles to a tree. Then one of them walked over to a massive bulldozer and started the engine! They were going to be buried alive!!

Lori and Kayla looked into each other’s eyes and screamed, but the gags in their mouths prevented much noise—and who was there to hear them but the heartless guards?  They rolled from side to side, tugging their legs to get loose, but the ropes that lashed them to the trunk had no give.  The goons had tied each of them so that the ropes dug into their full heaving bosoms, which jiggled wildly as they fought for escape. The men found that very amusing, but neither damsel was anywhere close to getting free.

The bulldozer’s engine roared to life, the lights focused on them in the fading
twilight.  The helpless heroines writhed and struggled, but it all looked hopeless.  The massive machine began to close in on them, pushing up the earth to bury them under the debris!   Lori decided that if she was going to die, she had only minutes to show  Kayla the feelings that had always burned below the surface. She stopped trying to  free herself and instead turned her body to face her friend.  Rolling towards the wide-eyed Kayla, Lori tried to kiss her partner in crime thru the gag.  Kayla responded despite herself, and soon the two were intertwined from head to toe.

The guards were transformed from smirking at the impending doom of their victims to gaping at the erotic show.  One of them ran in front of the bulldozer, yelling at the driver to stop while the other ran over to the girls and pulled the tape from their mouths.  Free to kiss each other fully, the cagey women realized that this would at least buy them some time— as well as fulfill dreams neither had really admitted. Soon Kayla was sucking on Lori’s perky nipples, both woman moaning loudly and the guards elbowing each other in amazement.  Who knew this job would lead to a sight like this?

Sure enough, the women had delayed their doom just long enough!  Before the goons could remember their instructions, a car pulled up with Veronika and Tad, the one man at Viredian who could rein in her wilder schemes.  They promised the bound women that the company would only release the shampoo as part of a St. Patrick’s
Day promotion (Green teeth for the day!) and had them sign waivers never to tell what had happened.  Lori and Kayla were all too happy  to go along.  The consumer was protected, their lives spared— and a new love to explore!


Violetta as DEA Agent Part 2

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

Lured to a luxury hotel in Hawaii, Violetta found herself in deadly peril
instead of soaking up the sun on the beach. Stripped, bound and gagged, she
watched in horror as the water poured into the bathtub, towards the exposed wire dangling over the rim.  It just couldn’t end this way!

She strained against the ropes that bound her wrists, her full bosom heaving
as she fought to free her hands, but she found no slack. Her fingers could
touch the rope that fastened her to the towel rack but she had no way to
untie the knot.

The cool water now covered her thighs

The feisty agent turned her efforts towards her feet.  That was even more
hopeless.  The tight bonds wrapped around her ankles had no give at all, and
she struggled to pull them loose without a hint of success. She tried calling
out with all her might, but all that emerged from her gagged lips was a
muffled “mmmmpppffff”.

The water passed her belly button.

Frantic, the doomed agent writhed and struggled, her curvy body a picture of the distressed damsel, but the relentless flow of water inched closer to her
death.  She leaned forwards toward the faucet, trying to think of some way
to turn the water off. 

The water reached the underside of her breasts, gently lifting them as they
began to float. 

Wait, that might be it! Instead of fighting against the rising water, use
the buoyancy!  Violetta forced herself to relax and let her body float.
Immediately the tension in her leg rope eased, but there was now only a couple of inches between the surface of the water and the exposed wire.  Grabbing the towel rack, she pushed herself down giving even more slack on her legs. Her full figure glistening on the rising liquid, she saw she had one desperate chance.
If she could kick her feet up to hit the insulated part of the wire, she could
knock it over the edge!  If she failed, the splash might exectrocute her sooner!

There was less than an inch before the water hit the wire.

With a mighty heave, Violetta kicked at the wire and saw it slide over the edge!  She had done it— and the effort had pulled the towel rack slightly off the wall.  She had to get her hands free before the water overflowed the tub, since the wire was still hot and laying on the floor. But there was enough slack now to give her access to the knot that lashed her wrists to the rack, and as the water began to creep towards the rim of the tub, she finally got her hands free. Still bound at the wrist, Violetta panted with relief as she turned the water off.  With luck, she could notify the airport security to arrest her Judas of a 10boss before he boarded…

Emily Addison as SuperGirl part 2

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Naked, helpless, betrayed, SuperGirl was in the clutches of a religious fanatic.  Spurning his offer of reprieve if she become his sex slave, the captive heroine faced an awful death.  She had been driven to a remote spot in the desert and dropped thigh deep into a prepared hole. As sand was shoveled into the hole, one of the goons set up a video camera on a tripod a few feet away.  “His  Excellency will want to watch your death, over and over” he hissed as the crew left her in the hot sun.

The relentless heat almost overwhelmed her senses, but the helpless beauty fought to keep her wits.  The tight bondage on her arms and upper torso dug into her soft skin, and her legs were held fast by more ropes and the pressure of the sand.  She twisted and turned with all her strength, but all she  did was work up a sweat.  The kryptonite gem fastened to her breast ropes was the key— as long as that was next to her heaving body, she was doomed!

SuperGirl soon realized she was not alone.  Sinister shapes began to scurry out of the hidden crevices of the burning sands.  These huge creatures fed on carrion— or victims too weakened by exposure to resist.  Many times through the years they had been left with prisoners to finish off.  As a bold crustacean climbed onto her tummy, SuperGirl frantically re-doubled her struggles!  She managed to shake it off… but it didn’t go very far.  More and more of the hideous creatures gathered around.  They had patience. It was only a matter of time…

SuperGirl fought back her panic as her doom seemed certain.  Soon the hungry scavengers would try again— and in this heat, how long could she resist before they began to eat her alive?

Twisting, turning, writhing against her ropes, the naked captive had a glimmer of hope!  When the Minister had man-handled her in his tent, he had knocked the kryptonite gem askew.  Now the sweat coating her body was loosening it more.  Desperate, SuperGirl shook her breasts from side to side.  She couldn’t help but shudder at the thought of how her struggles would increase the lust of her tormentor when he watched the tape of her peril, but she had no choice but to give him a show.  And her plan worked!   When the deadly gem was almost loose, one last powerful shimmy had sent it flying a yard away!  Curious, the waiting crabs had converged on it and the winner scurried away to his lair.  Freed of the effects, SuperGirl felt her powers returning…

And in a tent far away, the Minister felt an unexplained twinge of fear…



Emily Addison in SuperGirl’s Desert Danger

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

When the news broke of the plans by a religious fanatic to hold a mass execution by stoning a dozen women accused of “dishonoring” their family, there was a wave of shock and revulsion.  But no one seemed willing to go beyond verbal condemnation and hand wringing.  No one—except SuperGirl!  She decided that stopping a violent crime commited by an authority figure was just as important as fighting an outlaw.  So the night before the planned executions, SuperGirl flew to the jail, overwhelmed the guards and led the grateful women to safety and asylum.  Around the globe, her actions won praise… except in the mind of the fanatics.  Sadly, one of them was in position to do something about it.

The Oil Minister of a major producer learned that SuperGirl would be getting a medal from a European state totally dependent on petroleum imports.  Behind the scenes, he made it clear that continued access to the vital liquid would depend on turning over the super heroine.  Afraid of the economic impact, the Europeans had caved.  When the “medal” was placed around SuperGirl’s neck, she felt a wave of weakness—kryptonite!!  Hustled onto a plane without markings, the woozy heroine was flown to the oil kingdom.  Turned over to the gloating fanatics, her costume was stripped from her helpless body.  She was unable to hide her nakedness from their hungry, vicious gaze.  “Prepare her for a slow death!” was the phrase that shocked her out of her fog!

But when everyone had left but the leering minister, he felt a change of mind come over him.  As the nude blonde struggled weakly in her bondage, her lush curves jiggling against the tight rope wrapped around her, the Minister began to wonder what this magnificent beauty might do to save herself?  True, he already had several wives, concubines on the side and a hidden stash of porn, but in truth he had never seen such a beauty!  The ropes that constrained her only added to the effect.  Maybe she could be his?

He pounced on the captive heroine, pawing and fondling her full breasts, kissing her again and again.  SuperGirl tried to squirm away, but the kryptonite charm on at her bosom made her as helpless as any human woman would have been.  He removed her gag and pulled his robes aside to reveal a massive erection. “Open your mouth and take me, and I’ll let you live— as my property!” he hissed.

The brave damsel didn’t even take a second to respond. “No, never!!  I’ll never be your sex slave!!” she cried defiantly.  Furious, he clapped his hands to summon his minions.  “Take her to the sand crabs!”



Alectra as the New Andromeda part 2

Monday, November 16th, 2009

“Let me go!!  Please, somebody help me!!  Don’t leave me like this—this can’t be happening!!”  Alectra cried frantically, as the crowd of worshippers left her dangling from a tripod set at the edge of the beach, submerged to her ample breasts in remarkably gooey sand.  “There are no such things as sea monsters” she shouted, hoping someone would realize the absurdity of human sacrifice in the 21st Century.

The elder who had first picked the beautiful archeology student for this deadly ritual turned at her last comment and re-traced his steps.  Smiling grimly as he looked down on the struggling victim, he hissed “Silence!!  Don’t disturb their faith!”  Drawing a weathered stone vial from his waistband, he continued “Of course there is no dragon.  But life here is hard and the people need their faith.  For as long as we’ve lived on these shores, my people have used this sacrifice to gain the favor of the Old Ones.”  He begin to smear a thick paste on the rope that held her above the surface.   “In the morning, we will return to see if the Great Dragon took you.  This potion will weaken the rope bit by bit all through the night.  The tide will rise and the sand below you grow softer.  There is a hidden cistern beneath this spot, that we use to turn the sand into quicksand.   At some point, your weight will be too much… the rope will fray and part, and you will join the many sisters who have proceeded you in the Great Sacrifice.  When they see the rope tattered and broken, uncut by any knife, the people will know that you were acceptable to the Old Ones and prosperity will follow.  Your team looked for you all through the day… but we own the darkness.  Be satisfied that  your death brings hope to my people, woman!”   And with that, the old man turned and walked away, never looking back at the helpless damsel.

Condemned to a lonely death, Alectra fought with all her physical strength and mental fortitude.  If she just hung there, surely she would be swallowed up.  So she had to get out, which meant she had to go—up.  If she could pull herself up the rope before it gave way, maybe she could reach the tripod.  She began to gyrate her hips, trying to break the pull of the sand, as she grabbed for the lower section of the rope and began to inch her way up.   Panting with exertion, her dark hair and full breasts swaying from side to side, Alectra was a vision of female allure that would surely attract any sea monsters that might be lurking out there after all.   And it was working!  Inch by inch, she pulled herself  higher on the rope.  The full moon broke over the mountain and she saw that she was less than a foot from the wooden support…


Then it all went wrong.   She had come so far but her arms ached from the effort.  She had to rest for a bit, but the tide was creeping in and the suction of the sand below her tugged on her legs.  She couldn’t go higher, but how long could she stay where she was before the rope gave way?  It was already beginning to fray, and as strand after strand gave way, the pressure of her weight on the remaining rope showed the panting maiden that her time was running out.  Finally, the last remnant snapped and Alectra fell back into the soupy mix. 

Her hands still tied in front of her, Alectra clawed fruitlessly at the ground in front of her.  The cool, wet sand swallowed her tummy, cupped her breasts before oozing up between her cleavage, covered her shoulders.   Deeper and deeper… her neck disappeared into the greedy mud, she tilted her face back to keep her mouth and nose clear, but it was only a matter of time… her bounds hands reached up, supplicating for help—and miraculously, her prayers were answered!

 One of the young men who had been enchanted by her loveliness had snuck back to the beach.  Using the hidden steps under the surface, he dragged the deliriously happy damsel up from her muddy doom. Alectra saw how powerful he was, how handsome a savior.   But then he paused: “If I save you, you must swear to never reveal what was done to you.  I don’t want my people blamed for this—you must tell the authorities that you were missing because we went away and spent all day and night making love.”
“Well” she answered, making the most of her wet body gleaming in the moonlight, “if we start as soon as you get me out, that won’t be much of a lie, will it?”

Alectra Blue in The New Andromeda

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

At first, no one in the village had noticed Alectra.  Every year, another batch of American
archeology students came to dig around the ancient ruins and study the old, bloodthirsty gods of days long past.  As long as she pinned her hair up and dressed in baggy sweatshirts and loose pants, she had just seemed another scruffy American.   Then came the mid-summer eve festival, and Alectra had cleaned up very nicely.  Now her full figure filled out the cotton sundress and her long raven  hair shone under the lamps.  All the young men of the village noticed—but most only dreamed of a night of pleasure.  From a corner of the tavern, older eyes drank her in, with more deadly dreams.  

“Look at her” one ancient watcher whispered to the other, “she’s just what the Old Ones thirst for.”
“Aye, it has been a long time since we have seen a more perfect sacrifice.   Send word for all the Believers to meet at midnight.”
So while the pretty student danced the night away and  drank her share of ouzo, forces were gathering that intended to make this night her last.

One by one, the students staggered off to bed, but Alectra always found one more cute guy asking for a dance, offering her a shot, begging her to stay.  She didn’t notice that she was the last foreign face at the celebration, or that more and more of the participants were too old and grizzled to dance—and stared at her with hard, merciless gazes. 

Exhausted, Alectra sank into a chair.  The last of her suitors sat next to her and asked “So, in all your studies, have you heard of the story of Andromeda?” 
“Of course”, she giggled, “that’s a very famous myth.  What a sad fate she faced, left for a sea monster to devour!”
“You say it was a myth, but for my people, it was no story.  When the Old Ones send us a fitting sacrifice, we still show our devotion to the ways of our grandfathers’ grandfathers”  came the soft answer.  Alectra began to ask him just what he meant by that, but the strong drink overwhelmed her and her head sank onto her arms folded on the table.

That was the moment the assembled crowd had been waiting for.  Reverently six strong men picked her up and carried her to a horse drawn cart that had been brought around to the curb.  The crowd, many carrying torches,  escorted her through the village, past fields that had been tended for centuries, to an ancient cave near the beach.  Here, the elder women stripped off her clothes and rubbed her soft young flesh with sweet smelling oils. They closed the rusty bars that made this recess a jail and left Alectra to sleep. 

She woke up around noon, baffled by her surroundings and terrified by her solitude.  Her throat was soon hoarse from fruitless calls for help.  But when, late in the afternoon, footsteps could be heard approaching, the captive beauty realized it was not help that was coming her way.  “You have been sent to us as a sacrifice to the Great Dragon” the head elder chanted, “Prepare yourself to be his bride and feast”.   Alectra struggled bravely as many hands pulled her out of the cell and bound her hand and foot.  A stone weight was attached to her ankles.  She begged for help as they carried her down to the shore.   At the edge of the sand, she saw a tripod had been set up.  Using hidden stepping stones, the two strongest men carried her out to the wooden frame.  She saw that the sand here wasn’t firm and packed like normal, but had a viscous, soupy quality.  Alectra soon found out just how soupy it was as her captors fastened her wrists to the top of the tripod and pushed her into the hole.   The stone lashed to her feet was heavy enough to drag her quickly down, leaving her sunk to just below her heaving bosom.  She strained fruitlessly to pull herself up, but the watery sand gave no traction, and the weight pulling her down was just enough so keep her legs immobile.

“Sacrifice of the Great Dragon, behold the setting of the Sun.  By the time it returns, you will go to the Old One and our people will again enjoy his favor!!”  And as the crowd left chanting, Alectra wondered if she would ever get out of this alive…AB2s

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